How to Buy


Steamed, mashed, or fried, our locally grown and locally packaged Mininger Foods Sweet Potato Country Cubes are now available in select Save Mart and Lucky Supermarkets throughout the state of California. Family farmed, family processed. From our farm to your table, we hope you enjoy the creative possibilities of this nutritious vegetable. Available in the family favorite orange variety and the less sweet white. Click on either logo to find a store near you.

Food Service

Across the nation consumers are looking more and more for honest and trust-worthy food. Our sweet potatoes are organic certified processed and receive no unnecessary additives. With our minimally processed sweet potatoes you know exactly what you have in front of your customers, and because we grow our own sweet potatoes we’re able to keep our prices competitive. Whether a private business or public institution, we would love to supply you with sweet potatoes for your menu and will work to adjust packaging to your needs.


We use sweet potatoes directly from our Global GAP certified fields only a few miles away to provide you the best quality and ideally prepared ingredient for your products. Primus GFS certified services include washing with ozonated water, peeling, cutting a variety of sizes and styles, and freezing with liquid nitrogen. We can provide several varieties of organic and conventional sweet potatoes.

Please call us for a quote and to discuss how we can meet your needs.