The Sweet Potato Hash Brown

A precious “Grandma” figure in the Mininger family is a woman by the name of Verna. Verna lived on an old farm road near Nathan’s sweet potato fields. She would often phone and invite folks over for supper or a cool drink. It was on one of these common calls that Nathan received an invitation to breakfast at Grandma Verma’s house. The menu for the morning was hash browns, fried and shredded from a white oriental sweet potato Nathan had brought over days before.

By making this breakfast trademark, in a new way, Nathan’s taste buds were amazed, and a dream was born. The traditional “Idaho hash brown” couldn’t stand up to the flavors and added health benefits that came in the compact crispy dish. In comparison, a sweet potato hash brown vs. the Idaho potato hash brown has a lower glycemic index by close to 15 points. A sweet potato hash brown is loaded with double your dietary fiber, infused with vitamin A, and calcium. Sweet potatoes are praised by the health focused Paleo lifestyle as well as a wonderful option for anyone living with diabetes.


Our white fleshed sweet potato comes in many varieties such as an O’Henry, Bonita, white oriental or Murasaki. It’s actually the dry flesh of the white sweet potato that makes it perfect for a hash brown. The orange flesh sweet potato holds moisture well, making it perfect for baking but not ideal for your breakfast skillet. Although it has taken many years, we as a family are thrilled to be bringing you this delicious and healthy new product!